4 Effective Coping Strategies when Facing Disappointments and Frustrations
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4 Effective Coping Strategies when Facing Disappointments and Frustrations

Coping with disappointments and frustrations is one of the top behaviors that people should learn. Anyone at any age may experience disappointments and frustrations some time in their lives. Whether someone likes it or not, stressors or problems could come and bring disastrous results if left unchecked and unfinished. This is how the importance of effective coping strategies comes in, for effective coping results to a better life.

Better life is relative, and people may define it in various ways. It could mean doing well in different aspects of one’s life such as education, career, family life and the like. Others may see it as happiness and contentment. It’s no longer surprising when people of different ages face frustration because it is a typical occurrence in life. It’s not only confined for adults because even young ones feel disappointed, too. Effective coping strategies can be learned in many ways. Much articles and studies had been published in the internet regarding effective coping strategies. Thus, this article aims to summarize and provide brief and concise information regarding effective ways to cope with problems. 

The following are effective coping strategies that can help a person when facing disappointments and frustrations:

1. Believe that sooner or later, everything will go by.

This is one of the oldest saying that is commonly taken for granted by lots of people. When something good happens, be grateful and know how to get the best out of it. When something undesirable comes, never hesitate to welcome it because just like better times, it will literally fade into the background. Keep hoping. Who said this could offer no help at all?  It’s better to attract positive vibes than pull the negative vibes one by one until you lose the opportunity to satisfaction, happiness and bliss. Envisioning one’s self as a warrior who faces displeasure yet attains the victory after a hard battle is also effective. One can even look for favorite movies or stories then look for the good qualities the characters possess to deal with frustrations more effectively. It may sound ideal but it’s still a helpful thing to do.

2. Face the truth.

Maintaining one’s sense of level-headedness does not stop in believing that everything will just pass by, because if it does, it can be considered as passivity. Acceptance of the truth is a must no matter how bad it gets. Efficient coping when facing disappointments and frustrations means that one is not denying the truth. If someone knows that he has committed something that accidentally deprives him of meeting the expected results, admitting the fault would lessen the burden. Truth may hurt, but as the old saying goes, it will set someone free, literally and metaphorically.

3. Be responsible over thoughts and actions.

Most people would assume that it is normal to get too emotional about one’s problems. Some may claim that being rational can be a form of denial in accepting the hurtful truth about one’s failures. If an individual has been striving to have better living but end up feeling miserable, he or she may be one of the millions who need to realize the importance of effective coping when facing emotional conflicts brought by disappointments and frustrations. There’s no better way to keep denial off the track than accepting one’s fault and taking the responsibility over one’s perception and emotion. Embracing the source of disappointments or frustrations isn’t bad at all because through it, hidden and effective solutions to problems could be discovered. This could even keep someone closer to smarter decisions and actions.  Effective coping when facing disappointments and frustrations means having the capability to be self-reliant, avoiding putting the blame on others who cannot be controlled after all.

4. Stop the rumination and be with the present.

Studies have shown that ruminating over one’s past only worsens up a problematic situation because it lessens one’s ability to presently focus on the problem at hand. This could make the person to be more stressed, disappointed and frustrated. Thus, living at the moment helps. It is one of the effective coping strategies one has to learn. It keeps one’s ability to be flexible when bombarded with disappointments and frustrations.

Trying the above suggestions for ten consecutive days can lead to better results. However, effective coping also includes one’s awareness that there is no better way to adjust in life’s adversities than doing what practically suits one’s needs when faced with conflicts.

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