5 Simple Tips on How to Deal with Nervousness
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5 Simple Tips on How to Deal with Nervousness

Dealing with nervousness is hard since nervousness is an innate characteristics of a person which is sometimes very hard to deal with. There are a few simple tips though that can help you deal with nervousness. It may sometimes work but it may not depending on the person doing it.

Nervousness to some is an unavoidable trait and indeed very annoying. There are times when a nervy person just feels odd and refuse to face people.

There are people who get nervous easily because it is in their blood or it is an inherited trait. This is such an annoying trait if you suffer from it. But you can lessen it with some simple tips.

Nervousness is such an annoying trait that is very hard to cope. No matter how much you want to overcome it if it is your nature, it is very hard to do it. But you can always minimize it or if you can do something to overcome it; it is much, much better.

There are always ways to help you overcome nervousness and the effect would depend on how you can handle these things in order for them to work for you.

Here are some suggestions that may work for you: This is not an assurance for overcoming nervousness but it can help. It may work for some but may not work to some.

Avoid too much coffee and alcohol

Why is it important to avoid too much coffee and alcohol? If you are a nervous type of person, you must avoid too much alcohol and coffee because these drinks have contents that aggravate nervousness. If you want to overcome your nervousness, drink plenty of fruit juices and vegetables instead because these kinds of food will boost your immune system and help you overcome your nervousness. Healthy people tend to be better with their self-confidence which helps them able to handle nervousness better than weak people.

Develop your self-confidence

Strong self-confidence make people able to overcome nervousness because they know what they are doing and they are confident and trusting enough to do what they want in life. If you are confident then there is no reason for you to get nervous. What often cause nervousness in people are the fear and the lack of self-confidence. Boost your self-confidence so that you will overcome your nervousness. One good way of developing self-confidence is looking into the mirror. Every day try looking directly into your eyes in front of the mirror for a few minutes. If you are the nervous type, you will find out that you cannot even look into your eyes for a long time. So what you should do is practice this every day until you can look into your eyes straight for a long time. This will help you be able to look at other people’s eyes without wincing or changing facial expression. If you can look directly into other people’s eyes for a long time then you are starting to overcome your nervousness.

Try Chewing Gum or Candy/ or Drink water before talking

Chewing candy or gum will help relax you if you are nervous. If you cannot talk in front of people, try chewing something and it can help you overcome nervousness. Just do something to relax yourself so that you can at least express yourself. Water can also help with a nervy feeling.

Try wearing dark glasses

Wearing something over the eyes can help overcome nervousness. It could help you to relax better because your eyes are not directly looking at the audience’s eyes. What is making you nervous is the direct eye to eye contact so try wearing dark glasses.

Try looking above the head of the audience

If you are making a speech or just talking in front of people, try looking straight above the head of the audience. What makes you nervous is the situation. All the people are looking at you and the thought of all the people assessing you makes you edgy and uncomfortable. So you have to avoid all those eyes to lessen your nervousness. Once you have adjusted to the situation, try moving your eyes. Don’t look directly into the people’s eyes and move from one person to another so that you will not get nervous.

Nervousness is like an illness that could shroud your life and rule you if you don’t do something to lessen it or overcome it. If it becomes too much for you, it could lead to anxiety which is even worse. There are many ways of overcoming nervousness. Just learn as you go and try to find ways that can work for you. There is no harm in trying; after all who wants this annoying trait anyway?

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Comments (1)

Very useful tips here Ma'am. My riding experience on mountain bikes on roads and trails keep nervousness away, thank you and have a great weekend.