5 Things That Could Make Us Feel Younger
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5 Things That Could Make Us Feel Younger

5 Things That Could Make Us Feel Younger, 5 ways to Feel Younger
           Our approach at seeking ways to make us look younger from the outside maybe considered normal in view of the assumption that the majority does it but if we have to think seriously, it takes time and money and most of us may have either of the two but not both. If one has all the time in the world, his pocket could be empty and if one has plenty of cash on the bank, he has committed his time to be on the job to keep that status. The thing is we have focused so much of our attention on how to look younger but age always gets caught up with us. Below are tips to make us feel young. Why can’t we stop trying to please the world around us of what we are not when we can fully embrace reality and feel young instead? It’s time we start to please that special person we have so often taken for granted. That person is nobody but our selves.

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Listen to Old Music – Listening to old music isn’t just for the ears but for our mind as well. It is a therapy that doesn’t seem to be but it is. As we listen to the music of our past, we unconsciously submit our thoughts to the memory we have forgotten in time but were able to retrieve back into our present not knowing it’s just there. You need a quiet room for listening or an earphone to avoid distraction. Again do not attempt to catch the attention of people around you by playing the music too loud as they will have the idea from what era you had been and that will surely cause too much bother on your part.

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Open Old Notes and Letters – Have you wandered quite a bit on your basement or attic and open up a piece of your life’s history? If so, find your old notes back in elementary or high school and read them while touching the pattern of your own handwriting. If you are lucky enough to recover love letters inserted at the pages of an old notebook, you will be amazed to reminisce the younger days when that heart of yours have beaten so erratically and has fallen so early. You will smile with amazement if you were one of a few who ended up with your high school sweetheart at the moment and thinking how it all began will make you cherish your present.

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Open Your Old Photo Albums – The colouring dyes on your photos inside your old photo albums may have faded with time. It may not be too late to save those images from destruction by converting them into digitized images through the help of a scanner. Doing this task will allow you to reminisce the moments captured in each image, a ‘frozen’ scene of the younger version of yourself only visible to whoever was in front of you during that moment pressing the camera button for a shot. Pictures speak louder than words so the saying goes and indeed having those images of the past allows you to look back in time and cherish the moments gone by.

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Keep an Old Perfume – Scent is another powerful agent to trigger your memory back to the past lane. You surely have a recollection of the brand of perfume you used to spray yourself with the moment of your first date or the one you have taken during your prom night. If not maybe it was when you have treated yourself to a famous perfume scent during the time you earned your first salary on your first job. Perfume makers like Guy Laroche, Chanel, Christian Dior and Davidoff surely keep their classic line of perfumes in production to cater to your needs and that unique scent hasn’t really changed after all this years. You just have to allow your nose to lead you into it.

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Watch Old Films – You surely remember the first film you have laid your eyes on the first time your parents or your uncle took you at the movie house. Watching some old films made famous during your childhood or teenage years will not only bring back memories but also make you appreciate film production technology years back. You could imagine being a small child entering the theatre and becoming a grown up person when you leave your seat at the end of the film. Isn’t it amusing being transported back in time through the course of the episodes and finding yourself at the end of the story? After such feeling of the good old days in watching of course, you can still come up with a film review and add up to your articles published online.

                  So you will realize it doesn’t really cost that much to feel younger when you have squandered a fortune trying to modify your personal ‘packaging’ after all these years. Remember that nothing is permanent in life but the changes but despite the outer appearance, there remains that younger you on the inside in all of life’s undertakings. You can look at the mirror while doing these ‘feel younger exercises’ and you will be amazed that feeling younger inside does influence your looks on the outside.

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Comments (9)

Great ideas! Looking at my old stuff really does make me feel young (delusional, but young!)

It depends upon how we see it Kathleen. Doesn't cost so much however compared to getting a facial botox 'therapy' to hold that sag.

I think listening to the old music make one feeling younger.

Fantastic!!! Yes, listening to old music make me feel younger, dance with the rhythm, sing with the lyrics out loud and my neighbors just laugh and sing too. They also feel the same way, THUMBS UP on this.

Good advice Deep Blue. Anything that keep people thinking young will help keep them young.

absolutely,these will make us feel younger

I love reading old notes. Brings back very young memories. Music? Depends... My mom used to play old songs, then when I listen to them now? I feel old too he he! Just returning for my comment. Thanks!

I can see the logic here... as long as we can think young.. we can be young in the way we look and behave.

These are all enjoyable things to do as well.