5 Things to Keep Boredom at Bay
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5 Things to Keep Boredom at Bay

Who in this world doesn't get bored? I strongly argue that even the most industrious person on Earth finds himself in a situation where time is avast and activities are amiss.

Who in this world doesn't get bored? I strongly argue that even the most industrious person on Earth finds himself in a situation where time is avast and activities are amiss.

During these situations the most mind-boggling question pops up in your head and torments you like crazy. I think people describe it with two words: "I'm bored." Me? I'm not bored now because I'm working on an article. Others are free to disagree, but I rarely find myself bored while in work. And that's first on my 5-things-list of how to keep boredom at bay.


Work your head off. As opposed to what you may think, free time is just an illusion. There is always something that is needed to be done. And you only tell yourself you are free for now because you may be tired, or you don't feel like doing anything else.


Boredom occurs when your mental state of idle becomes too much to handle, that you lapse into a state of unrest. (Is it just me or did that just sound almost professional?) Anyway, that is a mere statement of fact. There is a big difference between resting and being bored. When at full rest, not only your physical body is able to recharge, your mind is also put into recovery phase.

I would suggest that this is a good way to keep yourself from getting inconveniently bored. When you think your lapsing into an uneasy state, try clearing your head and thinking happy thoughts. This might be trivial, but in practice you will realize that this helps.


Everybody knows that the universal technique to avoid boredom is to engage yourself into leisure activities. Now this is broad and very general, but the fact is: You can easily make any activity into something fun. It's only a matter of liking what you do. A bit of tweaking your thoughts here and there and you can make eating pizza into something fun. I prefer Tortilla but I think any junk food will suffice.


Besides eating, there are tons of ways you can enjoy your free time without compromising on calories. You can walk your dog if you have one. Better yet, train him. This is one of my best ways to kill time. Teaching your pet tricks isn't just a way to do some master-pet bonding, it's even more productive. Who knows when a dog-sporting event will come to town?


Call me cliched, redundant, obvious, predictable, or whatever, but my number 5 way to kill boredom is writing. It's a part of my job description, and because of that, I can't even begin to tell you how productive I can be whenever I get bored.

You should take some of these advises to mix up with your life. And before you even know it, boredom has become much less repulsive than you think. 

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