Can People Be Hypnotized And Forced To Do Evil?
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Can People Be Hypnotized And Forced To Do Evil?

Hypnosis has fascinated mankind for thousands of years, and has found numerous uses worldwide. Many stories and novels have created the notion that a person can be hypnotized against his or her will to do things that are criminal in nature. Here are the objective facts.

Hypnosis has fascinated mankind for thousands of years, and has found numerous uses worldwide. It is a mental state in which a person is awake with a heightened sense of awareness, and is open to suggestion. Many stories and novels have created the notion that a person can be hypnotized against his or her will to do things that are criminal in nature. Here are the objective facts.

History: Hypnosis or hypnotism has a long history that spans thousands of years. It all started when many people into meditation discovered that they can induce a special state via certain techniques of concentration and meditation. It also had its origin when many witch doctors and others discovered that the administration of certain herbs, or passing people through certain religious practices can induce a special state in them. Starting from there this information was passed on from generation to generation, mostly among shamans and practitioners of hatha yoga.

Since the state of hypnotism can be used to influence people, this information was used by secret schools of shamans and yogis to develop techniques to hypnotize people and animals/birds. Since hypnotizing people/animals could mean great influence, power, and money, the systematic development done by these people was kept a secret. However, information did come out from time to time.

In the last two centuries many western researchers took deep interest in Hypnosis and investigated them in depth. Dr. Franz Mesmer a physician from Austria is the most prominent among them. He started his investigations around 1770 and developed the techniques of inducing hypnotism to a high level. His system was eventually known as Mesmerism.

Another important modern figure is the Scottish surgeon James Braid who in 1842 coined the more acceptable term hypnotism. Braid's work brought hypnosis to the mainstream of empirical research, and from there onwards numerous researches actively got involved in studying hypnosis, methods to induce it, and approaches to use it to influence people and shape their behavior.

Uses of Hypnosis:  Hypnosis has successfully been used to produce relaxation, soothing anxious surgical patients, pain management, weight loss, relief in skin diseases, habit control, improvement of mental and physical performance. Many psychologists have used it successfully for what is known as hypnotherapy. It has also been used to relieve painful memories, to bring back forgotten or suppressed memories, etc.

Many magicians use what is known as "stage hypnosis" for their performance. The general impression being that they are hypnotizing the masses so that they believe the illusions created by the magician. However, this is a fallacy. All stage hypnosis is trickery for entertainment. Some preachers are known to use it for fooling people and for getting financial gain. However, none of the above things has anything to do with real hypnosis. Nor can hypnosis be used on a mass audience to create illusions.

Can People Be Hypnotized And Forced To Do Evil:  Though people under the spell of hypnosis are in a heightened state of mind, they are not unconscious. Thus they cannot be forced to do evil or harmful activities against their will. Also, the effects of hypnosis do not last for days or weeks. Thus people cannot be forced to steal or commit murder under hypnosis. That people can be hypnotized to do evil and harmful activities is a myth that has spread among people through fiction, and it is indeed a fictitious idea. People can be made to do only those things that they consciously wish to do. Only thing, under hypnosis they tend to lose their inhibitions and fears for some time, which helps them in the long run for good activities.

Further, a person cannot be hypnotized against his/her will. As to whether a person should subject himself to hypnosis by another person, there are varied opinions. I would personally caution you against it.

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Comments (62)

Nice article and very interesting points. Also one person van be hypnotized easier than another. Here on Flemish TV there is a show in which people are do funny things under hypnosis, but I do not really believe in that.

Well written article. The answer to your question is no! My husband studied hypnotism when he became an NLP practitioner. He can do hypnosis on people but as Martine said some people can and some people can't be hypnotised. I can't, you have to be a strong believer and the hypnotists use power of suggestion. It is great for people wanting to relax etc but as for loosing weight, stopping smoking or any other number of things, it is down to the individual person, they have to believe they can do it!

I don't believe in hypnotism and in my entire life I have never seen people being hypnotised. It could be true in the movies but it is not true in real lives.

Good article and I concur with its conclusions.

This, my friend, is a totally BRILLIANT piece of art! Excellent ideas and spell-binding style! I'm totally HYPNOTIZED! (I mean mesmerized..!)

I too agree, that people can not be hypotized against their will, and/or made to commit evil or any thing against their will. I also believe that it is much harder for a committed christian to sin, because the spirit of God is innate to the human creature. Sin of course appeared as the result of "free will" to have the choice and desire to step outside of our [created and God desired] relationship with [God] all of creation. Thank you for this article.

I too agree, that people can not be hypotized against their will, and/or made to commit evil or any thing against their will. I also believe that it is much harder for a committed christian to sin, because the spirit of God is innate to the human creature. Sin of course appeared as the result of "free will" to have the choice and desire to step outside of our [created and God desired] relationship with [God] all of creation. Thank you for this article.

Initially, I do not thing people can be hypnotized against their will. However when we "open doors" (D&D, Ouija boards, Tarot cards, etc), then we are susceptible for demonic influence that hypnotism brings.

agree, one can not be made to do something that they wouldn't do not under hypnotism

Dico Luckyharto

Someone can be hipnotized if one let it. Once we let it, it means we take off our faith in God. So, keep our guards on. This very strengthening article

Please take a look at "budol budol gang" in the Philippines. There has been a reported number of victims that claimed they were hypnotized to give there money, bank account numbers etc. to this gang.

Thank you for telling us the facts incase there was any miss leading going on.


Thanks for the great knol.

Hilda Blankson - Member People believe that they can be hypnotized to do evil, but can a true believer filled with the Holy Spirit fall into such a snare?

I am very relieved to read the result of this article. I usually tend to stay as far away from people that claim to be able to perform hypnosis, I do not see the need for myself to be hypnotized for any purpose let alone for evil. In our unsaved state we are and do evil by nature so being saved and a firm believer I have always wondered but act rather on the safe side and avoid a situation where hypnosis is involved. Seems a safer option to me.

Wether this phenomenon is true or not it doesnt make the difference because the power of God is already been working mightily in us to counter all the works of darkness and no need to subscribe to this evil work because the work of Christ is sufficient for us

Well it is generally regarded among Born Again Christians and Catholics in our country the Philippines that Hypnotism is inherently evil in nature associated with witchcraft and sorcery but still many people and not few still subscribe to it and scores of people are being victimized by many alleged hypnotic gang to get and steal money from innocents and ignorants.It may bring some practical benefits to some people as relieving pains ,relaxing memories and emotions yet still our free will and conscious decision can deliver us effective and lasting solutions to battle life's crisis.

Hypnotism is a subject we need to pay much attention to. Whether we like it or not it is something that is there (it exist). The Bible says that, "For the lack of knowledge my people perish". The knowledge there stands for information. We must have this knowledge in order not to fall prey to them. I will encourage everybody, especially Christians to study HYPNOTISM. God bless you Dr. Philip for this awesome insight.

This is a well-known topic, but very misunderstood topic This article has given me a desire to learn more and to study more indepthly on this topic. Many areas of the world apply this in their religions and it would be very beneficial to me to know more about it. Thanks for posting this!

Stephen Adjartey

Yielding to God is the only way to overcome every Satanic activity such as hypnotism.

Stephen Adjartey

Yielding to God is the only way to overcome every Satanic activity such as hypnotism.

interesting article it was thought provoking

Gabriel Popoola

As this article states the benefits of hypnosis, is it what Christian should practice? As Christians our meditation should honor and glorify God. We should meditate on our maker and His power of salvation through Christ Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. We should contemplate His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. Be filled with gratitude for His goodness, grace and glory. Ponder His perfection, personality and providence. Be in awe of God. We are in world but we are not of world. Thanks for the final word of caution in this article


I have been under hypnotism since november 2009 till this moment. I have move to a distance of 3000km but could not free myself. This is a powerful machine. I sill have things to share on request.

Good article. If the means of hypnotizing an individual is through the use of chemical agents or medicines, then I do not think such person can be made to do evil against his wish. But it is possible for one to be demonically hypnotised and be made to do evil agaist his wish. So it is important that one is spiritually alert to avoid this.

This artical answered the one question I had. You don't advise the use of hypnosis

this is quiet an informative article


I have concerns about the dark side of compelling someone with drugs and the use of hypnotic suggestion. Drugs could make someone think something else is happening than what actually is.


what an insight. i have always wanted to hear the christian perspective.

Another factor is mental illness. If a person has an imbalance of in brain physiology such as Schizophrenia (especially untreated) then they may be more than usually open to suggestion. Some psychotropic drugs may render even relatively healthy minds more vulnerable. I agree that such things are not for "fooling around" with.

Thanks Dr. for arousing my interest to read more about this topic


I disagree - I am fairly certain that I was hypnotized against my will by someone I considered a friend in my own home; they stole from me and blanked out my memory so now I worry about what I may have said or done during that time. I would like someone to help me recover my memories and worry that they may have had me say or do things that were injurious to me. Can anyone help me?

To me hypnosis is mystical, the mind is so easily toyed with it causes me to wonder how much consiousness is altered by other stimulus that is naturally present in our enviroment. Does hypnosis affect the mind in ways similar to trances or meditation or subliminal messages?

Jose B. Lu

I strongly agree on your last words "I would personally caution you against it."

In Deut 18:9-13 God prohibit such practices.

Ogwal Mike

Thanks Dr.Philip for that excellent mind boggling article. Its true that people can not be forced to do evil under the influence of hypnosis.

Thank you for the interesting article on hypnosis. I have never felt the urge to let myself try hypnosis, but I do know a few folks that have used it to help them quit smoking and to control their weight. I am not a believer in hypnosis and would probably make a poor subject for a hypnosist. I find it best to follow the path our Lord Christ Jesus and actually see no need for such things as hypnosis if one truly believes in our Lord.

Thanks for such an educative article. Doing evil or good is a matter of choice.

Pai Y Soo

Thanks for the message to clear the air that hypnotism cannot force a hypnotised person to do evil against his will. It is enlightening and informative. God bless.

As usual, another well written article by Dr. Philip. I enjoy reading all of your articles. Thank you so much.


I urge you guys to read this article about mind control in the entertainment industry. See link below


Please read this a true story about a mind controlled survivor.

You can also check the book at amazon.

"My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge"

Heather Ann Witt

A good article this is one of the subjects that I definitely classify under occult. Have nothing to do with it

Thank you very much!

Seems like Dr Phillip believes that Hypnotism is possible, and by his article, he intimates that past memory may be dredged during these sessions. If so, what happens with those who claim past life regressions in those states. I think Dr. Phillips may have opened a Pandora's box, something that his Brethren type cosmology may not be compatible with.

Thank you for a most interestering paper.

I was aware of the uses of hypnosis, but it certainly did surprise me that it has been practiced for thousands of years. To be honest, I had no idea. Thank you, Dr. Phillip, for sharing your knowledge with us. I'm looking forward to reading your new article.

I was expecting to read some hypnosis cases.

This article was very informative. It confirmed what I believe that hypnosis can not force people against their will.

Very informative. It could be good if you can add some references to some case studies

Very interesting read indeed, I didn't know hypnosis can be used on animals/birds, let alone to think that it can be used to commit crime and evil things.


I have found some people are more susceptible to hynposis than others. I personally have been hypnotised to help me to teach my body to fall asleep easier.

very good article!

Yet again another mind blowing article. true genius

Everything is possible if we let it happen.

This is a very controversial issue and it depends on the individual environmental school of thought and where one comes from. In Africa there are true story  of people that are hypnotized and they do evil against their will. A typical example is the medicine produced by evil pagan worshippers in the northern Nigeria, called magani casuwa used to attract customers to buy good they did not need.Another type in the Eastern Nigeria that are praticed is the one called love portion that young used it to hypnotize a suitor to marry a woman that he did not love. He will get alright after the wedding and by then it is too late and the woman is already married. Evidentely, there is a dangerous one given to young men against their wish to make love to young girl and their part of body will miss at night especially women breast which used in the Southern Nigeria to make money rituals. This is not fiction they are real till today and very much in existence. Thanks to Dr Johnson C Philips on this wonderful article. 

of course true!!

bull shit its called forced hypnosis and if you didnt want to be hypnotised to begine w how can you say they cant be suggested into doing something against there will . more so they could be lead into doing something unknowingly . i mean wouldnt it be possible to negate frontale lob function in a hypnotic state ? you can raise blisters on people in deep hypnosis and im sure thats not something the want to do . so bypassing moral functions is not far fetched . its a form of kidnapping and has never really bennifited anyone .

What a wonderful article an eye opener in this mordern world any thing can happen. Thanks to Dr.Johnson C Philip.

Great article. That hypnosis is not applicable on the masses and that no one can be hypnotized against his or her will is a major point in the security venerable individuals vis-a-vis vile and wicked people. My inferences: Self-control is a gift from God and a fruit we bear. By that individual susceptibility to unsolicited hypnosis is avoidable. Thanks for bringing up the history of "mesmerism". I dare say this article is mesmerising.
Very informative. Another excuse for being bad taken away!
This is the first time I have ever sat down and read about hypnotism - a good start.
Very informative. I appreciate knowing that I cannot be hypnotized against my will.