How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Smile
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How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Smile

First impressions are indelible. You can make a good first impression just with your smile.

Once two persons lay eyes on each other, they get their first impression of the other one. The first impression is so important that it can stay in his or her memory forever. First impressions are indelible. In our information-flooded, fast-paced world, people must make quick judgments and decide what they have to do. So, when people meet you, they take a quick mental snapshot. That image of you is the data they keep for a very long time. The data may not be accurate, but it is the first judgment people make about you and will influence them significantly. Nearly every facet of people’s personalities is evident from their posture, the way they move, and their appearance. Even before your lips part and the first word escapes, your essence has already left into their brains. How you look and how you move is more than 80% of everyone’s first impression to you. Not one word need to be spoken.

Whenever you meet a new person, before you have time to process a rational thought, you get a sixth sense about that person. How to give people the first impression that you are principled, intelligent, fascinating, and charismatic? Just by giving them a confident smile, a direct gaze, a heads-up look, and a great posture, you will come across as "somebody" to everyone you meet.

The first and easiest one is your smile. Leaders in all respects of life enrich their smile. Researchers have catalogued many different kinds of smiles, ranging from the tight rubber band of a neurotic adult to the soft innocent smile of an infant. Some smiles are cold while others are warm. There are also fake and real smiles. Key players fine-tune their smiles for maximum impact, because they know it is one of their most powerful weapons.

Studies show women who are slower to smile are perceived as more credible. A big, warm smile is a wealth, but only when it is shown a little slower, which gives it more credibility and integrity. So when you give other people your beautiful big warm smile, you also need to train your lips to erupt more slowly. Thus your smile will appear to be more sincere and personalized for the recipient. That is the secret of smile! Although the delay of your smile is only less than a second, your recipients will feel it is special and just for them.

When you do so, your smiles will light up your faces and the world will smile back to you.

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