How to Make a List and Organize Your Day's Activities
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How to Make a List and Organize Your Day's Activities

It is worth the effort making a shopping list and organizing one's daily activitiess

Earlier whenever I stepped out of the house to buy some essentials for the house or do some errands like going to the Post office,Bank or paying bills etc; I used to forget one or two things and I had to link it with other things the next day and forget some other job. So, now I make a list of all the jobs I have to do. I even make a list according to order, so that I can tackle jobs one at a time, going to the farthest place and then covering other places etc;This has really helped me in organising my day today activities.There is no question of forgetting certain jobs now. It is the same with shopping. I feel that making a list is very essential as it saves unnecessary expenditure if one sticks to one's list of essentials. It also saves some quality time that may be spent otherwise running around on your various daily activities .A planned list of essentials and making a route plan is very helpful here.

Another very important reason is to curb one's spending. Making a list definitely helps you in sticking to a budget and the list in hand and you don't over spend or buy things that are mostly not absolutely essential.

Now , I religiously make several lists. One for the grocery and other essential kitchen items , one for errands like bill payments , work in the bank , visiting the dentist etc; and ,one for other important things that I need to remember like call someone on a certain day or wishing someone on their birthday etc;.. I think it is a great idea to have a running list, so that you can keep adding to it as and when things run out.This stops you from buying things that are not wanted.Most of us have the urge to be impulsive at times and splurge  when we go out shopping. The things we end up buying may or may not seem that attractive after it has been bought. I have also realised that there are many such things which I could live without. So when we plan our shopping list we are nit only able to buy what is needed  , we also save quite a bit of money buy doing so.

I have realised through experience that it it only those peolpe who are careful with their spending , that are able to save and utilise their earnings to the optimum extent. An organised person has better control over his/her money and is able to stay well within the budget. I have seen my own friends who have been able to live a better quality of life simply by being careful in what they buy and making their money stretch. Even a small but steady saving definitely gives you an added advantage of having some ready cash available when ever there is an emergency.

The habit of thrift and being careful with spending  combined with a regular saving habit definitely makes you better equipped to cope with any adverse or unforseen financial crisis or some emergencies that may arise in your life.

It deefinitely is worth the effort making that shopping list and generally organizing one's daily activities, be it cooking meals, or going out on errands..

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Comments (5)

very good tips

What type of lists do you make? Paper lists? Or do you use a pda? Personally, if I have to make a list, I prefer using a pda because those digital list are easier to manage with one hand in the store.

Hi Jerry Walch, I make a list on my pad , and sometimes on a piece of paper. I agree with you that it is easier and more practical to use a pda ....

Organization is essential to meet greater productivity. thanks for this article.

Yes thats true simplyoj, One can achieve much more that way :)