Preventing Alcohol Poisoning and Morning After Hangovers
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Preventing Alcohol Poisoning and Morning After Hangovers

There you have it, the holidays are over and most people have gone back to their daily routines. Still some people will have a few parties, family dinners, and get togethers to go to until about mid month and then we truly can put the holidays away until next year.

There are some health issues this time of year that we really don’t want. Heavy drinkers will attest to the dreaded morning after hangover. Actually the morning after hangover is the lesser of two evils for heavy drinkers. The worst of course is alcohol poisoning which have party revelers spending the better part of their holidays in a hospital emergency room or hospital ward rather than their intended destinations.

Alcohol poisoning occurs when so much alcohol is consumed (5 drinks for men and 4 drinks for women) in one setting that the body cannot absorb it. The result is that the alcohol seeps into the blood stream and affects the nervous system causing breathing problems and dangerously low heart rates.

Whether or not a drinker will succumb to alcohol poisoning will depend oh how strong each drink is, how fast the body can metabolize or absorb the liquor, age, weight, and if they have eaten or are drinking on a empty stomach. Alcohol poisoning can be dangerous in fact it can be fatal.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning

The signs you need to look out for are falling unconscious, seizures, shaking, clammy pale or blue skin, incoherent speech, disorientation, slurred speech, continual vomiting and more.

There are about 50,000 Americans who are rushed to hospitals yearly due to alcohol poisoning. However, more common among drinkers is the dreaded hangover. Three quarters of people who get intoxicated will experience a hangover at some point in their drinking bouts.

Women have a lower metabolic rate for absorbing alcohol. Asians have a lower tolerance for alcohol than Caucasian men. Asians have a lower level of an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase that breaks down alcohol.

Alcohol is toxic to the body. There are two particular toxic compounds, acetaldehyde and malondialdehyde in alcohol that causes free radical damage. According to Life Extension, the free radical damage is likened to radiation poisoning. This is what causes the illnesses the morning after the excessive alcohol consumption.

Symptoms of a hangover

You wake up in the morning, thirsty with a pounding headache. You try to move and every part of your body screams out in pain. You may be experiencing both nausea and diarrhea and you have trouble making it to the bathroom in time. You find that you are too tired to do anything. You may have trouble thinking or concentrating and you have problems orienting your self around the room. You might even bump into things or loss your sense of balance.

Luckily a hangover doesn’t last for very long and if you do nothing at all it will go away on its own within 24 hours. Nevertheless, who wants to go through feeling like you want to die for that long? Therefore many people look towards preventative measures so that they can still drink but not have to suffer afterwards.

How to prevent a hangover

There are many home remedies passed down through the centuries, one is to drink water in between shots. Alcohol consumption causes a person to urinate more often and can cause dehydration. Replenishing the body with water will help to maintain the body’s electrolytes and prevent dehydration and sodium expulsion.

Since drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can cause intoxication and a hangover, drinking a glass of milk before consuming any alcohol is a good remedy to coat the stomach lining.

Treating the body with antioxidants can prevent a hangover. There are antioxidants formulas available that can be taken before bedtime to prevent the morning after hangover.

Vitamin C, vitamin B1, Vitamin E as well as amino acids, selenium, S-allyl-cysteine and glutathione are among the nutrients, which will fight off the free radical damage at the cellular level. Studies have shown that vitamins such as “vitamin E prevents alcohol-induced vascular injury and pathology in the brain.” (Altura et al. 1999).

Garlic has been used as prevention for intoxication and hangover. There is a product called Kyolic Garlic Formula 105. TMG, (glycine betaine) is a compound that helps the liver to synthesize (SAMe) S-adenosylmethionine, which is necessary to prevent alcohol poisoning and liver damage.

Over 30 percent of alcoholics eventually develop cirrhosis and studies are showing the probiotics may actually prevent cirrhosis and other types of liver diseases. Probiotics are essential bacteria that the body needs to fight against toxic substances.

HepatoPro or GastroPro can help prevent liver toxicity. The products can be purchased and taken daily.

Better not to drink at all as it is the best preventative strategy. However, if you do, why ruin your fun try out some of these remedies and enjoy your evening out and the day after.



Life Extension

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