Self Change in 2011
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Self Change in 2011

Start with small steps. ...there are several things you might chose to do to start your new year.

Remember when we used to make new years resolutions? The beginning of a new year can mean a whole new start. New job, healthier diet, new exercise program, or even a new schedule.

Start with small steps. Accomplishing things from your “to do” list is a good way to start. Uncluttering a closet or room in your house or apartment is one way. Or even if it is just your desktop this can help to distress your day. And changing the batteries in your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors the same time each year, say the same time you turn your clocks back or forward. Shoes wearing? Replacing or repairing them as soon as you notice the heel wearing or the padding going down can help if you suffer from back pain. Small steps and keep them coming.

And health wise there are several things you might chose to do to start your new year. Take your pulse. If it is higher than 90 per minute you could start 3o minutes of brisk exercise five days a week and lower your sodium intake to 1,500 mg. daily. If you smoke this could be a great time to buy yourself a pack of nicotine gum. Talk to your doctor about other ways to stop smoking. This will pay off in the long run by cutting your risk of lung ailments, cancer and heart disease. Bake a potato for the added immune boosting B vitamins and heart healthy potassium and magnesium. Rev up your metabolism in the morning by spicing up your eggs with roasted red chili peppers. They also make you feel full and less apt to eat a big lunch. Eating a handful of walnuts can lower your LDL and is high in Omega 3. And, of course there is the parking further away from the store, walking to a co-workers office instead or emailing them or just standing instead of setting.

How about the more spiritual side of things. Adopting a dog or other animal can bring alot of joy and happiness into your life. An animals unconditional love can add alot to our lifes. Walking a dog 15 minutes a day can burn 61 calories. And having an animal can lower blood pressure and stress. Getting at least seven hours of sleep nightly can help considerably with stress. Sleep deprived people have higher levels of cortical, a stress hormone. This can lead to depression, weight gain and diabetes. To sleep more comfortably keep your room temperature between 65 and 68 degrees.


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