How to Understand the Gemini Mind
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How to Understand the Gemini Mind

Geminis are multiple personalities. Learn about all of these different personalities of a Gemini.

Sometimes I feel like I am bipolar, simply for the fact that I have so many thoughts running through my head.  Those thoughts lead me to change my mind, be spontaneous, and be influenced by the people around me - by adapting to my surroundings.  It makes sense in light of the fact that I am a GEMINI, the twin. Ironically, I am an only child.  It can be difficult to live with a Gemini (so I'm told), but if you ever wanted to explain yourself to your friends and family, or are looking for insight into the Gemini in your life, you owe it to yourself to read on.

The Characteristics

You hear all the time that Gemini's are dual personalities, sometimes hard to take seriously.  They can be considered crazy at times, but since the line is often blurred between crazy and genius, and Gemini's are usually intellectuals, this is not too surprising.  I can attest to feeling like I have dual personalities.  I can't fully explain it, because I am a highly emotional person, sensitive to my own words and actions, as well as the behaviors of others. 

I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I never intentionally seek to be duplicitous.  Yet, there are times when I might feel the need to protect myself if I feel threatened, and put on a calm front when in fact inside I am scared or hurt.  My emotions can serve me well, though, because I am able to communicate effectively (hence my passion for writing and reading books to which I can relate).  And, do you notice my use of various pronouns? That in itself says something about my Gemini personality.

Having a constantly-active mind is another benefit (or flaw) of being a Gemini.  "I think, therefore I am".  How true a saying!  I can always work on multiple projects, recall conversations between myself and others, and brainstorm ideas.  The downside is that I can get bored easily, I despise prolonged laziness in myself and others, and I thrive on being immersed in learning.  I love traveling, visiting culturally- and historically-rich sites.  Being enlightened is paramount to my existence.


Geminis like to improve themselves on a constant basis.  However, I am not talking about being narcissistic and preening in front of a mirror every chance I get.  Actually, it involves more of a test of willpower to be good to myself and eat right, exercise, look presentable in public, and keep myself together.  Yet, the funny thing is, even here I can vacillate between the two extremes and sometimes care about what others think of me, and other times not. 

You might see me in scruffy in jeans and a t-shirt one day, but dolled up in make-up and a new 'do in a moment's notice if the occasion calls for it.  Reading about the latest trends, information on self-improvement, and leading a spiritual life are all huge parts of my life.  I am also able to have "gut feelings" about situations and people, with uncanny intuition that rarely is wrong.  It could be a cross-over with my spiritual self, but whatever it is, I have insight to much of what goes on around me.  Sometimes it still surprises me.



Family and friends are vital to the Gemini.  There is nothing I wouldn't do for those whom I love.  I am fiercely loyal, which can be a downside in that I can be too trusting, sometimes gullible.  It is important to me that I feel loved through hugs, kisses, and kind words.  I keep every piece of mail I receive from my loved ones (in fact, I still have every note my husband wrote to me when we were dating in high school!).  Here too I can get bored easily, though - which can make or break a romantic relationship.  

If I am bored, I will move on.  I have to really find something spectacular that makes me want to stick around.  But when I am happy, watch out!  I am known to plan fun surprises and make those around me feel really special.  Throwing parties, hosting dinners, and giving gifts are just some of the ways I show my appreciation of my loved ones.  In some ways, Geminis are suited to each other, but be forewarned: it can also backfire if either side is strongly opposed to any trait or viewpoint. 

Raising children can be trying, especially if they are fellow Geminis or Leos, but it is a rewarding experience that most often bears repeating.  But again, it's all in our moods, because there are times when we just want to remove ourselves from everything and not face the responsibilities of parenthood or any other grown-up expectation.


When it comes to careers, Geminis aren't always dependable.  That said, I'd like the record to note that we are a hard-working lot!  It's just that we can get burned out from day-in-day-out routines, necessitating a job change more frequently than other Zodiac signs.  When we are passionate about the duties we perform, we gladly do them without considering it cumbersome.  But getting to that point can be tricky, as I have spent a good decade of my working years trying to find my "fit".  I've read career books, taken personality tests, and reflected on my likes and dislikes, my strengths and weaknesses.  I am happy to say I have my niche at a job where I get to use all my job skills, with no two days being alike.  How's that for the perfect Gemini job?  My only lament is in the money . . . ah, well. . . .

Often, Geminis make good teachers or counselors.  While those too are strengths I have, I actually don't see myself in those roles, as that to me screams boredom!  If stuck in a job we deem lousy, nothing will go right.  I don't know if it's in our perception of the job itself, our intuition kicking in, or part of our need for justice - but being placed in a job for the sake of doing "anything" will eventually happen.  I personally sometimes feel victimized and can't help feeling that way. 

Honestly, I don't know if that too is a Gemini trait, or if it has anything to do with psychological issues from my childhood or obsessive compulsive tendencies I have (both of which are topics for another day).  When it comes to having a boss, I want to be able to trust that person and consider him or her a friend.  Working for a shady, irresponsible person is the worst thing in the world.  I had a boss like that once, when I worked in the field of marketing.  Let's just say I didn't last long and it was a good thing!  The need to understand and be understood is so strong in the workplace, which is why it can literally take years to be where we ideally pictured our adult lives when we were children. 

The only thing I can say is for everyone else who has to deal with Geminis, please be patient with us!  We are a work in progress, just like anything in the fine arts.  Speaking of which, you can be sure Geminis have a deep appreciation for and have skills in any or all of the areas where creativity abounds.

Our Environment

While Geminis do realize it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, we also tend to reflect on the fact that if more people were like us, there'd be less problems!  We risk feeling exposed because of our differences, but we like a certain order to our lives that most people see as chaos.  Sometimes mistaken for hippies, radical-minded, or just plain weird, we live in our "happy place" on good days, and join the rest of the population when grim reality sinks in (usually through tragic circumstances). 

I like a well-organized home where I have many ways to entertain myself - a comfortable spot for lounging and sleeping, an inviting place to eat, a quiet nook for creativity, and a place to gather everyone I love together so we can have fascinating conversations.  I stay away from black-and-white color schemes, as they are too stark and lifeless. 

I like warm, vibrant colors, or subtle shades for furniture and walls to offset my moods.  Foods have to impress me, and don't even think of serving me the same things over and over (unless it's something I'm passionate about).  My living space has to be moved around, to accommodate my moods.  This might mean moving to a new home, or replacing old furniture as needed.  You won't find me hanging on to something that's falling apart and rickety, even if it is an antique.  If it's broken, it's gone - but if I can recycle it in some way for new uses, you'll see me do that and then rave about it to you.

Summing it Up

Hopefully if you are a Gemini, you can feel validated in reading my views on a very important topic.  You know that to live a happy life, you have to work at it.  Your optimism will continue to push you to new heights.  If you live with a Gemini, or are friends with a Gemini, you'll know that it's not necessarily "you" that is the cause or issue with any crises that occur in that person's life.  But be there for your Gemini, and you'll have eternal gratitude.  And while you're at it, boost his or her spirits by a sincere compliment to make that Gemini feel even more special!

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Comments (13)

nice article,I used to date a man that was a professional astrologer

Every time I read this, enjoy very much! Because i'm a Gemini! :)

I appreciate the feedback! :-) How's that for being a Gemini? Haha...

Stavros Gazis

That is fantastic, been feeling a bit down lately, thinking I was nuts!!! Thanks Natasha, you really made my day, week, year etc... ;-)

I think I'm a Gemini too. At time I feel like I fear nothing and at times I put on a phasage to cover my fears and tears.


I was born May 23rd, 1983. This is me all the way around!!! It's almost scary. If ever I need to explain myself to someone I'll just copy and paste this to an email and send it! I'm still at the stage where I'm trying to see where I want to fit in as far as a career. I have completed massage therapy school.... boring! I'm now in school for medical assisting. I just ran into a friend who counsels addicts... so now I'm curious about that (the therapist in me). Anyway, this article rocks and I'm glad you wrote it. I was beginning to think that maybe I was a little coo-coo! :)

I am proud to be a Gemini........

I was talking to a friend about bipolar cause she was diagnosed as one and when I made a comment that I am a gemini and manageable bipolar, she said that gemini's were bipolar in nature haha... I was googleing about it then stumble upon your article....and OMG! I am totally reading all about me....

Love the article...

This article was amazing. I related to you so well :) I am also a Gemini(& only child) and while reading this i felt like I just found my long lost twin . this was so cool :)

This article was amazing ! I am also and Gemini and an only child and I felt like I just found my long lost twin lol ! I related so well to you and your feelings :)

Can you attest to reading about gemini's and feeling better after doing so because you don't feel so misunderstood lol? This article was like reading my life aside from the feminine qualities. I swear we are complicated due to our own head. I don't compare myself to others because of that constant twin mood change lmao. ugh its no easy being a Gem!
Hi, this is crazy!! Exactly me and exactly what I have been saying to people!!! And my friends. And someone else wrote it and its validated. We are unique and crazy all in one!! Thank you for this!!