Who Am I? What Areas of My Life Define Me As a Person?
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Who Am I? What Areas of My Life Define Me As a Person?

Learn to make some decisions that will affect who you are and what areas of your life make you different than any other person on the planet.

Who ARE you? Alice in Wonderland is asked this by a Caterpillar in the garden after she is shrunk. The answer isn’t that easy. The answer is more than just a list of facts and figures. The answer is more than a rundown of your life, that will give you information about you but it won’t answer the question. If you only told people the facts about your life, where you were born, where you grew up, where you live now, do you have siblings and other similar information, these are only facts. They explain your circumstances but they don’t answer the question:

Who ARE you?

When Alice is asked the question: Who are you? She replies “I don’t know” and is immediately taunted with “Explain Yourself”. This response might be true for many people in our society. They are so easily swayed by friends, family, work, and even status that they don’t really know who they are. Then when asked to explain themselves they simply can’t do it. What do you believe and why do you believe it?

Who you are is more about your world view than your surroundings. Can your world view be corrupted by your surroundings? Only if you let it, everyone has a different view of their circumstances and the things in their life that they let have the power to affect those circumstances. For instance, I am a Christian man who looks to the Bible for guidance and direction. This influences my daily decisions. When faced with a difficult life changing, life altering dilemma, I turn to God in prayer. When I’m stressed and I want to feel some peace in my day, I turn to God in prayer. It is simple to do and it always gives me what I am looking for. I know this may not be your belief system but this is what shapes me as a man.

My family is the foundation around me that holds me up. My wife is the best thing I have going. She is very understanding and she is always supportive of my dreams and goals, no matter how crazy. I have tried a lot of things, I wrote a book (self published), and I run multiple websites that range over a variety of topics, I taught a few junior college classes, I was in Amway for a few years, I worked for a structural engineer, and I worked as an estimator for a construction company, and know I am trying to discover how I can become a professional speaker. Through all of my changing, she just smiles and say’s “I know you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

I may sound like a flake that does not know what he wants but all of those things were choices I made that filled a hole in my personal and professional peg board. Skills I learned and trades I was involved in that made me a more rounded person. Architecture, structural, construction, sales and even teaching can all be used in a variety of fields and professions, in public and private settings. My new direction has led me to public speaking. A dream I have that faces down the one thing that most people will admit is one of their worst fears. As weird as it sounds, I enjoy it and I want to feel the excitement of speaking to a crowd and maybe changing someone’s life. Who knows?

My three kids are smart and vibrant and will not let me get out of line. They keep me honest and I know they are watching me and taking mental notes on how a man should act. My son calls me out when I don’t expect it. Once I was working late at home and he asked if I would play with him. I explained that I had to work and that maybe we would play later. He quickly replied, “I don’t want to be an Architect when I grow up because they are always working, I will play with my kids whenever they want me too.” Now I understand that this is the narrow view of a seven year old that just wants to spend time with me, but it still hurts. Most of the time the work will wait and I do my best to make time for all three of them. A thirty minute break is all he was asking for and I could probably use it anyway.

I also try to surround myself with people of like mind who are not negative and who will be an encouragement to me. I only have a few people in my life that I refer to as good friends. These few are not out to see what I can do for them and I know when they ask a favor they are truly in need and I do whatever I can to assist them. These are more than just acquaintances; these are the men in my life that I can turn to and trust.

Are you someone who can be trusted? Do your friends, your true friends, know you will be there for them and not judge them if they get into trouble? The question from the caterpillar is one we should all be asking of ourselves. What drives you as a man or woman? How is your life shaped and changed by outside forces? Are you making the kind of decisions in your life that will lead you where you want to be.

Alice is surprised and confused when the caterpillar disappears into a puff of smoke and turns into a butterfly. It seems that he was not as he appeared either. Alice never really answers him but the question still remains for all of us to answer:

Who ARE you?

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Comments (3)

One man's flake is another's multi-tasker. We have a lot in common, although I am probably a bit more cynical than I should be as a Christian. One man's cynicism is another's realism. Great article! Know thyself! (we won't say who said that, even Satan speaks the truth sometimes) I've found that an understanding of trichotomy is a good foundation to understanding our complete selves...Body soul and spirit. Check it out: http://factoidz.com/a-definition-of-the-holy-trinity-the-father-the-son-and-holy-spirit/ I'll be back to give this a vote as soon as they are replenished!

Very thoughtful and soul-bearing article. You are really a courageous man, Chris. I was "downsized" about 5 years ago from a 35-year position and naturally devastated initially. But as I began to examine my life, I decided that I'd had it with corporate America, which requires more and more and gives their workers less and less. I have been doing a variety of work: freelance writing and editing, working at a church, substitute teaching and now my life is my own. I've found I can live with less while giving more to friends and family... and to myself. As that old adage goes, very few people want on their tombstone: "Wish I had spent more time at the office."

Go Chris! go Chris! Tell it like you know it cause you do! What as GREAT question....that I am now trying to answer for myself. Keep up the good work and good luck keeping up with those awesome kids - I can barely keep up with 3 dogs. God has a Plan for us all and even if we knew it we wouldn't believe it bc it is so wonderful asnd we are SO human and as humans we can be so D'oh! Moments of definition are difficult and alas, necessary. Stay Blessed.